CHILTON Graphics


As I said before,I'm Harry Turnbull - the creator of CHILTON Graphics (The overarching name for all of my vector artwork). At the moment, I am 16 years old, attending the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe. I hope to go on to study Pure Mathematics at university. One year ago, I was experimenting with vector graphics software, similar to the famous "logo" software for children learning to program, and I came across a curious relationship between the functions and their "protypal" counterparts - although the output values of the functions get bigger and bigger, their counterparts are inclosed, symmetrical, and fundamentally simple:

Originally, I believed that this was pure coincidence, and the result of some chaotic process. I came to call this "Drawing Out Of Chaos", or DOOC. However, no matter how I altered the function, its counterpart would ALWAYS follow this pattern, so I concluded that it must be the result of some underlying and simple law of mathematics that we are not fully aware of. The first function that I put into the DOOC algorithm was f(x)=x^2, which produced a relatively complex protype (drawing) with 12 orders of rotational symmetry. So I decided to add a coefficient, which simplified the protype to the one displayed above. The first change-point was created.

There are 4 other change-points, each as unique as the last, allowing me to create a possible number of protypes that is greater than the number of atoms in the universe.

© Harry Turnbull 2017